Wakfu - Missed the Nation Meeting? 3/23/12

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Blame Tim, We All Do!
Blame Tim, We All Do!
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Wakfu - Missed the Nation Meeting? 3/23/12

Postby FrogurtX » Mar 23rd, 2012, 1:00 am

Source: http://amakna.enjin.com/home/m/3813712/article/645306

Did you miss today's nation meeting? No biggie i got ya covered~ Here's the notes of what we went over. If you need any clarification, just ask someone or post here.

Political Issues
Impeachment Procedure has been created so that players may find their way into the cabinet if they feel a member of the cabinet is not good enough for Amakna.
We discussed whether or not to change our nation's relationship with the other nations. After hearing opinions during the meeting, we decided to stay allied, at least until the content update on march 27th.

Enforcement Issues
New form of guard communication. If you are being attacked, send a tweet to @Amaknaguard to alert ALL AMAKNIAN GUARDS. If possible, give an ign, nation, and location of where this is happening, and stall for time while guards make their way towards you.
Amakna's new Head Guard is starting training for people that want to be guards. Details to come.
We figured out which island Amakna wants to conquer when they get released.

Ecological Issues
Hazels protected indefinitely
Weather still bugged but may be fixed after patch. We have kamas set aside to deal with spring weather when the time comes.
Spring is here. Scroll down for the article.

Treasury Issues
All dragoturkeys in Amakna are officially unlocked.
If anyone has a challenge in mind, contact our challenger Pro.
Auctionboard needs more Amaknian crafted items. While Amakna currently has the 2nd best market in the game, we shouldn't stop here. More dedicated items can help accomplish this.

Other Stuff
I'd like to start a baker challenge that allows us to create a special Amaknian specialty bread called Xav the Baker's Bread. It'll be a great jumpstart to making bread more available both in Amakna and on the server.
If any crafters want to donate cool items for event prizes, contact our challenger Pro.
From now on, Zent will be hosting Q&A from a bench in Hugo's meadow every wednesday like he did this week. Details to come.

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