Wakfu - Spring is Here!

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Blame Tim, We All Do!
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Wakfu - Spring is Here!

Postby FrogurtX » Mar 23rd, 2012, 1:07 am

Source: http://amakna.enjin.com/forum/m/3813713 ... pring-here

Welcome to spring! You may have noticed a very large temperature change in the weather menu. With this increase in temperature, things like Barley can now grow amazingly easy!! Expect to see large amounts of it from all the barley starved crafters in all nations. While this sounds like really good news, there are still some downsides. Resources thrive at various sides of the climate spectrum. So many that all resources can't grow at optimal growth speed. With things like Barley and Jute finally able to grow, there are many resources that will not be growing anymore.

So here is a list of the winter season crops/trees that you will be having trouble growing from now on. If there are any for sale, you should stock up.

Winter Crops

Artichokes -10°~10°
Sorry bakers! This important crop is no longer in season! This crop was used to make both wheat starch and holynut oil. Good luck getting your hands on artichokes! If the temperature drops to 10° you should take advantage.

Pumpkins -10°~10°
Once again, sorry bakers! You may have some problems grinding past level 60 without pumpkins around. It's not really that big a blow though.

Beans -10°~10°
Luckily beans aren't needed to grind on any crafts. They're more of a use-to-craft-1-cool-item kind of resource. Cultivate them on your own time. Players may still have some beans left so you might be able to find them reasonably priced. They really arent that useful.

Rye -10°~10°
If you weren't already a level 60 farmer, you're going to be having some trouble reaching it now. Rye is out of season now but luckily, it's only useful to level 80~100 bakers you it's not that big of a loss. Don't expect rye prices to raise or anything.

Vanilla Rice -10°~10°
This is another blow that only high level crafters will feel. Rice is needed to make holy oil which makes level 50~100 items of various professions. There is still some rice floating around in farmer inventories so it's not impossible to find, but don't expect an amount you can grind off of.

Winter Trees

Palmito -10°~10°
Level 40~50 crafters may be disappointed to know that Palmitos are now out of season. Things like the Gholden Rhizome shovel require resources from this tree but luckily there are still plenty of palmitos to get the parts you need. Maybe even enough for you to level off of.

Birch -10°~10°
There was already a bit of a shortage of birch. Now things will only get more complicated since it's out of season. It's required for some level 20~40 crafts but leveling off it may prove to be time consuming. You will need to wait for these trees to fully grow before you can take the resources you need from them.

There are no plants that thrive only during the winter so herbalists lucked out. If you own any of the resources above, just be aware that you may see some demand increase as this season change starts to really hit our crafters. I know i'll be increasing the price of some of my items~

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