Wakfu - Brakmar State of the Union Transcript

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Blame Tim, We All Do!
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Wakfu - Brakmar State of the Union Transcript

Postby FrogurtX » Mar 25th, 2012, 5:56 am

Brakmar State of the Union address. Tuesday March 20th

The part about the Wodent Hat Treaty had me lulzing.

Source: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SxC ... _Jhfc/edit


Codger: What a turnout this is! Impressive.
Codger: With the amount of people that were complaining about the time, I guess the next one will be bigger.
Codger: Alright, Good afternoon everyone.
Codger: What a week it�s been here in Brakmar
Chopsticks: I love Brakmar
Codger: We all do. It�s why we are here. It�s why we fight to make our nation amazing.

Codger: Right now I am here to address the things we�ve been doing, and explain some actions.
Codger: As well as take actions at this point.


Codger: First off. The Drago-Turkeys are online in Brakmar Village, and Sidimote Moors.
Arcaneosa: Pabong only needs 1300k more.
Codger: These two locations were chosen because they link to the most different areas.
Codger: Originally we were going to open Gnashvilles. But, there is a Zaap there. It has a form of fast travel. Might be more expensive, but it�s there.
Yesway: Trilus is currently raising the drago in gnasher. It should be up today or tomorrow.
Codger: Alright, next stop is Pabong. Why Pabong? Because, it links to Canoons, stasis. It�s out of the way and lacks a Zaap.
Codger: Most of this money was put here by our own pockets, or by our friends. So this time around, I encourage everyone to help in some way, to getting the rest up. Let�s knock em down, one at a time! Until we have them all!
Ennbeard: There�s what, how many people here? If each of us throw 10k in from time to time that�s quite a chunk
Codger: What Enn said.

Kama Minter in Gnashville

Codger: Alright. Next order of business
Codger: I don�t know why I did it, but I fixed the Kama minter at the far corner of Gnashville!
Codger: Seriously, I have no idea why I did that. Must be the old age.
Codger: But it�s fixed! No less!
Arcaneosa: gotta fix everything eventually�
Codger: Yup
Codger: It�s in the far back, near the silo.
Codger: Windmill... Pinstriped thing.


Codger: Weather! Right!
Ajsnipes: o yay my depo
Codger: Take a look at your forecast
Codger: Sunny days rolling in!
Ajsnipes: aka Barley weather!
Yesway: Yes there is now barley growing in Pabong!
Codger: Barley, Hazel, soo many crops need it to grow. So keep an eye on that.

War: Wodent Hat Treaty

Codger: Now. This is where we get past what has been done, and are into what is going on.
Codger: First. The War with Sufokia.
Codger: Has everyone been informed of the Wodent hat treaty?
Kelfu: The what now?
Codger: There is a treaty with Sufokia. If you wear a wodent hat, more than 90% of all sufokians will not attack you. Some people will still do it. No matter who you are, it will happen.
Codger: Right now, the hat just means you plea no contender. Want to harvest in peace? Put a hat on.
Codger: Get some fancy Sufokia Emotes? There�s a hat for that.
Ennbeard: So does the treaty extend to Brakmarians on Sufokian turf, ideally? Like, if we go there for whatever reason? (and Vice versa, if we see a Sufokian here with a hat, don�t attack?)
Codger: Yes

War: Cause

Codger: Meanwhile, the war is kinda going.
Codger: So many people have been asking why we are at war. Well, let me put it simple.
Codger: He, they, them, anyone. We�re Brakmarians. We fight for land, and money.
Codger: And guess what Sufokia has.
Codger: Land.
Codger: And money.
Codger: Well, there is money in Caustic Cove.
Squirt: I don�t understand. Why have a bunny hat treaty and open war. It should be all or nothing.
Lirael: When do we call the war won?
Codger: When we win. Or when everyone gets tired of it.
Codger: We take caustic cove, and they peace with us.
Codger: Now. Until there is enough outcry for the war to stop, that is when we will get to peace.


Arcaneosa: We need a �Get Stronger Campaign�!!
Codger: Well, that�s kinda what part of this is.
Codger: We need people to start powering up. To get stronger and to win this war.
Codger: Since the war started we�ve had a lot less griefers on our soil.
Travesty: We�ve had 10x as many bontarian griefers since the war started
Codger: We�ve had Bonta griefers yes, but we�ve had less Brak on Brak violence.


Drifteconomy: The disobedience law is good in theory, but it counts at the end of what you�re doing, not the beginning. You can lose points even when trying to be careful, just killing Gobballs.
Codger: Enough about that. You are all very focused on the disobedience law.
Codger: Well. Why did we put it on?
Codger: When was the last time you saw a Brakmarian outlaw?
Codger: Right now, we have a problem with people mass farming CP, then griefing people and not getting branded outlaw.
Codger: First off. Disobedience was a huge request. Lots wanted it before this thing.
Codger: Oddly, I have seen four, out of the mass of people here, that want it off.
Codger: It was enabling people to take our bonuses offline, and to farm massive CP.
Codger: Alt-voting was a huge problem in the first election. A problem in the last election.
Codger: And that enables that to happen.
Wispur: You basically you�re making it so that only the people that voted for you can vote again in the next election. Brilliant.
Codger: Wrong.
Codger: Let me explain this here and now.
Codger: I have. Absolutely. 0 plan. On running. Next election.
Codger: I am trying to get us on the right path.
Codger: So I can go back to playing my game.
Codger: I think that�s what we all want.
Codger: If [farming CP] is such a big concern, you are doing it wrong.
Codger: From the things I am hearing here, there are only a few that have a problem.
Codger: I understand that it is early, and we need the low levels to get CP.
Codger: As of the moment, disobedience stays. End of story.
Codger: I will temporarily remove it in the future for some good old fashioned CP farming this weekend.


Codger: Alright then. Challenges.
Codger: Why did we put a crappy bow-meow challenge up?
Codger: There�s been a lot of outcry about it.
Codger: But mostly, the Bow-meow challenge was in place because it is cheap, and it satiated the challenge bloodthirst. For a moment.
Codger: It was in mourning wood. It only works for a day.
Codger: So, that is the issue with challenges. Are we aware, they last for 24 hours?
Codger: 1k of our treasury. Gone for a day of Bow-meow trophies.
Codger: So, if you all want more challenges. Better challenges.
Codger: We need more taxes, or we just need to wait.
Travesy: Can I suggest, for challenges in the future� Alerting the public via forums and speeches?
Codger: That was my plan Travesty.

Cabinet (Note: As I was busy writing, I wasn�t exactly able to see what went on here. I know there was a battle, but missed it cause I couldn�t click watch due to writing. IF you include this, might want to edit in your own notes?) Most of what happened was the battle, so it was a bit hard to transcribe.
[At this point I removed Yesway from my Vice position, and he attacked me. The speech continued throughout the battle, and the two following.]

Codger: If there was something yesterday�s spout with nameless told me.
Codger: It�s that I need not be afraid that a guild that is holding me back. Or one person.
Codger: We meed to MOVE ON.
Codger: So. I encourage you all. Donate to the Dragos.
Codger: Fight the good fight. Take on Caustic Cove.
Codger: And defend our nation from a splinter cell of Bontans.


Travesty: Codger, do you still plan to oust epitaph from the government?
Codger: I have a reason that Epi isn�t here.
Codger: And it�s for one reason, and one reason only.
Codger: I have no personal beef with Epitaph, I just want a Brakmarian guild in charge of Brakmar
Codger: To be 100% sure that our interests are in the eyes of cabinet.

Travesty: Can I recommend someone for a position? Asuka� From the guild.
Codger: Travesty, I have a few problems with Asuka. If I can talk to her about them.
Codger: She would make a great treasurer I agree. But some of the things she�s said in the meantime, well�
Codger: When Asuka makes her way online, I will talk to her about it.


Codger: I have a vice in the works. A friend, yes. But I can trust her not to act without thinking.
Codger: And that�s what we need right now.


Codger: Anyways, it�s time for the Q&A portion of this meeting.

War (again)
Leji: What is being done with the war on Sufokia?! Many of us need access to Kokos
Codger: The war on Sufokia, should be winding to a close soon. If no battle plan comes into play, it will be over.
Codger: But for now, the war has been good to people. Lots of people like conflict, and PvP.
Squirt: Why are we posing a war with a superficial treaty?
Codger: That treaty is in effect so that the people who don�t want this [Don�t have to fight].

Codger: Well then. Let me take a vote.
Codger: Come. If you are for the war on Sufokia, stand on my side of the owl.
Codger: If you are against, go over here.
Codger: If you don�t care, go to Ullu.
[About 2/3 of the people who were there sided with the war effort. Then after a bit of explanation, even more moved over to the war side]

[A large block of text was removed here due to the forum being able to be seen by all nationalities] [No trash talking. I promise.]

Ajsnipse: By the way to all that don�t know, all the mines have been cleared for Brakmarian usage!

Drifteconomy: How can we, the citizens, help.
Codger: What can the citizens do?
Codger: Kamas. Turkeys, give them to me for the war funds. Donate to Taxes. All of this helps.
Codger: Also, we need bombs for our soldiers.
Codger: Speaking of that, I have 240 humus. Anyone need some for runs?
Codger: Bombs allow access through elite Riktus.

Codger: So then. If that is the end of it, you are all free to roam the plains. I�ll take my beatings as I always have. Not really worried.

Codger: Any personal questions, you can ask me in a bit.
AJSnipes: Any weather questions PM me.

Codger: BrakmarsCodger@Gmail.com
Codger: Remember, if I am offline.
Codger: You can always send your concerns to my e-mail.

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