Wakfu - Content Update 1.1: Hotfix 3

Tactics based combat MMO from Ankama and Square-Enix. Dreampiece is on the Nox server.
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Blame Tim, We All Do!
Blame Tim, We All Do!
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Wakfu - Content Update 1.1: Hotfix 3

Postby FrogurtX » Mar 29th, 2012, 4:32 pm

Source: http://www.wakfu.com/na/mmorpg/communit ... 1-hotfix-3

We will be deploying a third hotfix on the 03/29/12, at 11 PM PST, lasting approximately 2 hours, to resolve a number of issues that were reported within WAKFU Content Update 1.1. Here is a list of the changes that will be made.

Important Information
Attention! This patch is currently scheduled to be deployed at 11:00 PM Pacific Time, Thursday night.

For an update-to-date status of the game server and deployment process, please visit the Server Status.

Thank you.

The Black Crow now invokes his Crobaks, even when players are out of Line-of-Sight.
The Black Crow can no longer have his orientation changed while in combat (I.E. using a Sram spell).
Bellaphones can now transform more than just players with "Double - Bellaphone", without causing issues with the combat sequence.
Client crashing, due to having a deleted acheivement present in the acheivement tracking interface, has been resolved.
The Boutique item "Valkyrie Insignia" now correctly display boots on the character.

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