Wakfu - Q&A: Feedback #5

Tactics based combat MMO from Ankama and Square-Enix. Dreampiece is on the Nox server.
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Wakfu - Q&A: Feedback #5

Postby FrogurtX » Mar 31st, 2012, 5:52 am

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Q&A: Feedback #5
Greetings everyone,

Thanks to your continuous feedback, we are back again with more answers regarding questions, brought by you and the other WAKFU communities.

So let's get right into it, shall we?

Kelba Island and Sadida Forest were already in Beta: why advertise them as new content?

That’s right, Kelba and Sadida Forest were former territories of Amakna and Bonta. Beta allowed us to test their concept, and we decided to modify them after release based on feedback and observations.

These two areas have been completely revamped: exclusive and re-balanced creature families, new equipment (crafts included) -- all to better fit high level players.

To give you an example as to what these changes bring, let’s take Kelba Island, for example. We have included a brand new dungeon, with an exclusive boss, along with a unique World Boss: the Black Crow. Furthermore, this area also includes a global Marketplace shared between all nations.

And since you’re eager to find out about new areas: we're pleased to announce the name of the next island: Monk Island!

But more on that in the coming days, of course…

When will we see the return of the Rogues Ruse playable class?

The Rogues are coming! And to be more specific, they will be included within the next Content Update tentatively scheduled for the beginning of May…

We will tell you more about it as we get closer.

Why can't we balance classes once and be done with it?

Balancing takes time to be effective. In order to have the best possible set-up, we need characters from all classes at all levels. This is not yet the case in-game.

It is important to keep every aspect in mind to balance classes the best way possible. One of these aspects is high level equipment, which just appeared in the last content update.

We hope this will help you understanding our purpose and why balancing can take time.

Why are not all bugs that have been reported fixed yet?

The team greatly appreciates the effort put in by the community to report bugs. We investigate and fix them by priority, which is why they are not always fixed in the same order as they were reported.

We think Spell Experience is too low -- will it change?

We prefer to keep spell balance as it is for the moment. We worked on the system for quite some time and we don’t want to modify it just yet. Instead, we'd prefer to monitor it after its had a chance to mature in addition to the work ahead with class balance, bug fixing and more, that require our full attention. However, your concerns are heard and we will consider further developments in the future.

Thanks for your understanding.

Concerning the new loot system, do we all start with 0 Prospecting?

No, you all start with 100. The character sheet only displays the bonus value (0 when you start), but not the prospecting base (already 100). This is the same for all classes.

There's a lot of unwanted PK and PvP -- are any fixes planned?

We’re working on it and would like to address it in our next Content Update; particularly about non-stop aggressions. We plan on continually enhancing the system over time.

When will there be an in-game mail system?

Guilds will receive a lot of improvements in the next update, including guild chests. We believe that this should help address this request.

An in-game mailing system will be much more complicated to implement, and unfortunately will not be implemented for some time.

Will nation changes be available?
Choosing a nation is one of the first things you’re asked to do in the game and is not a decision to take lightly! This choice will influence your complete game experience, from politics to the way you contribute to the World of Twelve.

That being said, we know that many of you asked for this feature and we’re already looking into integrating such system to the game, but as this can affect many things, this will take some time to implement correctly.

Are there any plans to deal with a cosmetic option?

For next update, we want to add a feature allowing you to combine all pieces of a set into a single item.

However we do not plan on adding alternative display slots just yet.

What of profession tools?

You old golden harvesting tools can be destroyed (or kept as souvenirs) as they will not have any use in game. To compensate we added consumable craft items improving your professions.

Here are some examples giving you a 10% harvesting speed bonus for 15 minutes:
Gum Gum (Level 20 Miner recipe) : 15x Classic Carbon
Menthol (Level 20 Herbalist recipe) : 20x Mint Leaf
Tube-Shaped Fiber (Level 20 Farmer recipe) : 15x Tuberbulb

Note: these values are subject to change.

Have we decided to add any guild features yet?

Due to all of the great feedback the community has provided, we've had a lot to consider and go over. Because of it though, we think there's some very interesting features that will be developed very soon. Some of the new features you can look forward to include, but are not limited to:

More Customization
You will be able to customize guild rank permissions, especially in regards to the guild chest (see below) and recruitment. Furthermore, renaming the ranks and assigning them to different people will also be possible.

Description and Guild Message
We will put in place a ranking system of the 100 guilds that have the highest level (see below). With that system, you will be able to publish a description of your guild along with a recruiting message, for example. All citizens of the World of Twelve will have access to see this description and will be able to search through a guild board in order to find one that may interest them.

On top of this, you will also have the opportunity to prepare a guild message that will appear in your guild chat upon log-on.

Guild Level
Each guild member will be able to offer a percentage (of their choosing) of their combat or craft experience to the guild. Each time members participate in combat or practice a profession, they will also contribute to the combat and craft level of their guild, allowing the guild itself to gain levels.

Your guild will then have a global level depending on its members' combat and craft efforts.

Earning guild levels will the guild to unlock increasingly interesting bonuses.

To give you an example, one of these bonuses is a guild chest. This chest, which will be the same for all guilds, can be in the world itself (location to be determined). Each member will be able to open it and access its contents.

This notion of guild level will provide an additional goal to strive for for many players, especially those of you who are already at level cap.

Guild Haven Bag
We will be correcting and improving your Haven Bag’s permission system, so that you can create real guild Haven Bags. Is it up to you to organize it, though!

For the moment, we cannot go further, but we want to provide you with a more elaborate system in the future.

Guild Haven-Gem
Currently, with improvement of the Haven Bag’s permission system, we do not see the need to develop Haven-Gems that are dedicated to guilds. However we will stay open to this suggestion for additional development.

Long term planning...
Guild PvP: There is much to contribute to this level and many improvements to make. But this depends heavily on balancing classes and this is the main reason why this function is pending for the moment. Nonetheless this is one of our goals for guilds.
Guild Alliances: We would like to build coalitions between guilds, but is tied to development related to Guild PvP.
Sentinel System (Collectors): Some of you have suggested this idea and we really liked it. We are currently considering how to best integrate such feature.
Guild Spells: This could be an exciting evolution, but cannot be developed right away. We are keeping this idea close, though.

In conclusion, we would like to thank the community in particular for offering your suggestions, even if some of your suggestions might not be mentioned in this particular Q&A. Please rest assured that we review all comments thoroughly, regardless.

In addition, the content mentioned above is simply the first evolution of guilds, and this system will be enhanced further over time.

And that concludes our "Q&A: Feedback #5" for this week, so stay tuned for the next one!

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