Wakfu - Dev Sneak Peek: The Rogue Class

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Wakfu - Dev Sneak Peek: The Rogue Class

Postby FrogurtX » Apr 3rd, 2012, 9:03 pm

Source: http://www.wakfu.com/na/forum/127-gener ... ogue-class

Hi everyone,

Today we wanted to share with you the Game Design document of the Rogue Class. Existing mechanics from the previous version of the Rogue class have been kept in-tact while instead pushing the boundaries (and theme) of each elemental branch.

While we believe the below information should be solid, final direction and capabilities may change based on both internal play testing and community feedback and thus giving you the possibility of having a direct impact on how the class turns out!

So here we go...

The Rogue

As you will see below, the bomb system was kept as this was the foundation of the class, however the spells themselves have changed. First, bombs are no longer part of the third elemental branch with only two surviving within in the Fire element. However, as for Sadidas and their dolls, Rogues will be able to place spells on their bombs to increase their efficiency; only fire spells will allow doing this, however.

To summarize the theme of each branch, here is a list of them:

FIRE: Bombs and gadgets
AIR: Blades (daggers and swords)
EARTH: Pistols


When do they trigger?

Upon charges reaching 0
Special: When one is thrown at an enemy, it instantly explodes.
Special: Bombs do not trigger when being stepped on nor do they block Line-of-Sight.

Range / Area of Effect:

All bombs have a range / Area-of-Effect of 2 in a line. Upon single use, they all have the same reach.

However, when used in a “combo” their Area-of-Effect goes from a line of 2 to a square. This means that, no matter which “combo”, each bomb will be encircled by its Area-of-Effect. Furthermore, this reach is displayed, and special tiles appear around each bomb similar to that of the outskirts of a combat bubble.


When three or more bombs are within the Area-of-Effect of each other, a wall is created around each one of them. This fire wall appears on each tile next to a bomb, and deals 30 FIRE damage (evolving) to whomever walks across them.

Note: Bombs are subject to Mechanics.

BOMB 1 (Unnamed)

This bomb directly explodes in the face of an enemy or can be placed on the ground waiting for a distracted bystander.

4 AP 1-3 Range
Damage: 4/40 CH: 6/60
6 Charges. Can be placed on the ground (and wait for the 6 charges to expire) or thrown directly on an enemy and explode at him.

BARBFIRE (Temporary Name)

The Rogue uses a magical barbwire-like whip to teach his enemy a lesson. When used on a bomb, this spell adds a charge.

2 AP 1-4 Range
Damage: 2/18 CH: 3/26
Use on a bomb: +1 Charge

BLAZE (Temporary Name)

Water and Electricity never got along…

3 AP 1-4 Range
Damage: 3/34 CH: 4/50
Use on a bomb: triggers an electric shot on all tiles next to the bomb.
Damage: 2/24 CH: 2-35

BURNING GLOVE (Temporary Name)

Burning Glove is my best punch, period!

6 AP 1-4 Range
Damage: 6/65 CH: 9/100
Use on a bomb: Move closer to the bomb


FAST HIT (Temporary Name)

2 AP 1 Range
Damage: 2/30 CH: 3/45

CUNNING (Temporary Name)

Cunning allows the Rogue to attract his enemy of 1 tile and take his place by sneaking behind him.

2 MP 2-2Range
Damage: 4/30 CH: 6/45
Special: Attract and jump behind the enemy's back. Turn the enemy around.


This spell deals high damage without a Line-of-Sight and allows the Rogue to add a fast shot in case of critical hit.

4 AP / 1 MP 2-4 Range
Damage: 5/62 CH: 8/100
Special: Triggers a fast shot on critical hit.

RIBS (Temporary translation)

Ribs allow the Rogue to deal a bleeding, and perfectly targeted, hit.

1 WP 1 Range
Damage: 3/30 CH: 4/45
Special: One per turn and per player

LONG BLADE (Temporary Name)

Put in good hands, this magical sword expects to pierce the Rogue’s enemies and cause recoil.

6 AP / 1 WP 1 Range Area of effect: 3 in line
Damage: 6/85 CH: 9/125
Special: Rogue steps back one tile


VOLLEY (Temporary Name)

A good volley in the guts, that’s a real Rogue specialty.

2 AP 1-3 Range
Damage: 2/22 CH: 3/33

PIERCING SHOT (Temporary Name)

This shot allows the Rogue to go through armor. A very useful spell against, let’s say… those Fecas!

5 AP 1-3 Range
Damage: 5/52 CH: 8/78
Special: Ignore targets' resists

CROSSFIRE (Temporary Name)

This shot reaches those hidden in deep recesses and renders them into a sack of flesh.

3 AP 2-6 Range shot in diagonal
Damages: 3/42 CH: 5/63

BLAM! (Temporary Name)

“Blam!!!" Those guys that got in my way, that will be the last thing they hear.

X AP / X MP / 1 WP 2-4 Range
Damage: -1HP per AP and MP left, -8 when level 100
Special: This spell ends turn

PULSAR (Temporary Name)

4 AP 1-3 Range Area-of-Effect: Triangle
Damage: 4/50 CH: 6/78


FIDDLER (Temporary Name)

This specialty allows the Rogue to change his earth attacks into fire but keep the damage bonus. Can only be used once per turn.

1 WP
LVL 0: Change Earth shots to Fire. +5% dmg
LVL 9: Change Earth shots to Fire. +50% dmg
Special: Once per turn

DETONATOR (Temporary Name)

Detonator can trigger a bomb while increasing its damage.

1 AP
Lvl 0: -1 Charge, +2% damage for the triggered bomb
Lvl 9: -1 Charge, +20% damage for the triggered bomb

MAGNETIC GLOVE (Temporary Name)

This spell allows you to pick up a bomb and move it somewhere else, or throw it at an enemy. Leveling this spell increases the range to pick up or throw.

Lvl 0:

4 AP 1-2 Range
Pick up a bomb
OR throw a bomb
OR inflict 1 neutral damage to an enemy and push him back

Lvl 9:

2 AP 1-7 Range
Pick up a bomb
OR throw a bomb
OR inflict 10 neutral damage to an enemy and push him back
The Rogue cannot use spells while carrying a bomb

ROGUABOT (Temporary Name)

Roguabot is an ingenious tool that Rogues can use to control their bombs and extend his shots.

Lvl 0:

5 AP / 1WP 1-3 Range
10 HP / 1 MP
Active spells:
Push (pushes a bomb)
Barbfire level 1
Detonator level 1

Lvl 9:

2 AP / 1 WP 1-7 Range
10 HP / 4 MP
Active spells:
Push (pushes a bomb)
Barbfire level 30
Detonator level 1

States on Roguabot:

“Immune to explosions”
"Extender" allows the Rogue to shoot further.

Extending takes the shape of a triangle in the direction the Rogue points. This means that an unaware Rogue can also shoot himself!

To compensate for the Area-of-Effect, a 30% loss applies to all shots performed this way. The Area-of-Effect is a 9 tiles triangle

TRICK (Temporary Name)

Trick allows the Rogue to push back an enemy standing next to one of his bombs or his Roguabot. The enemy is pushed randomly to another tile next to the Bomb or Roguabot.

Lvl 0:

4 AP
Teleports the enemy and deals 1 neutral damage

Lvl 9:

2 AP
Teleports the enemy and deals 10 neutral damage


BOMBER FAN (Temporary Name)

Lvl 1: +1% damage for bombs. +3% resists against bomb damage
Lvl 20: +20% damage for bombs. +60% resists against bomb damage

SURPRISE SHOT (Temporary Name)

Thanks to this passive spell, the Rogue has a chance to trigger a second shot right after performing the original one.

Note: Triggers a new shot on a shot spell. This new shot inflicts 30% of the damage of the previous shot but with WATER damage.

Lvl 1: 2% chances of triggering Surprise Shot
Lvl 20: 40% chances of triggering Surprise Shot

AIR MASTER (Temporary Name)

The Rogues' Initiative influences his Air spells.

Lvl 1: 2% of initiative converted into % of AIR damage mastery
Lvl 9: 40% of initiative converted into % of AIR damage mastery

RUNAWAY (Temporary Name)

When hit, the Rogue has a chance of running away in the opposite direction.

Lvl 1: +2% chances to run away from 1 to 3 tiles
Lvl 20: +40% chances to run away from 1 to 3 tiles
Special: Can be Locked

ROGUE MASTER (Temporary Name)

Lvl 1:

+5% chances to gain 1 AP when a bomb explodes
+2% chances to gain another AP when a bomb explodes
+2 Initiative
+0 Mechanics

Lvl 20:

+100% chances to gain 1 AP when a bomb explodes
+40% chances to gain another AP when bomb explodes
+40 Initiative
+2 Mechanics

Note: The first Mechanics point arrive at level 10, the other at level 20.

And this concludes the "Dev Sneak Peek: The Rogue Class"! We will now open the discussion to your feedback and any suggestions you may have regarding this design document, so...get set...ready...and post away! Let us know what you think!

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