Wakfu - Q&A: Feedback #6

Tactics based combat MMO from Ankama and Square-Enix. Dreampiece is on the Nox server.
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Wakfu - Q&A: Feedback #6

Postby FrogurtX » Apr 7th, 2012, 8:26 am

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Q&A: Feedback #6
Greetings everyone,

Thanks to your continuous feedback, we are back for another edition of our weekly Q&A with more answers regarding questions, brought by you and the other WAKFU communities.

So let's get right into it, shall we?

Will there be in the future, an option to reset character’s ability and specialty points?

This option is on the development team's “wishlist”, but since it requires a very heavy development, this won’t be available soon.

What prompt the development team to make changes to the current health regeneration?

We are currently reviewing the balancing and the current rules of the consumables to make them more accessible and more interesting to use.

First, the craft recipes of the "Baker" and "Chef" professions are being reviewed to make them more accessible (less complicated to craft).

The "Baker" will now be able to create sets of bread and therefore save a considerable amount of time.

As you have noticed, bread was increased in the last patch to compensate for the reduced regeneration. We believe this increase was not sufficient, so we will again increase the gain of Health Points that they provide.

What’s your plan regarding the lack of Fire equipment?

We will add new items as time goes along. At the moment there are as many fire items as others, but we are still balancing some items.

What about re-evaluating the Handyman profession?

We understand that this question also concerns decoration items compared to the items found on the shop.

In next patch we will work on Baker and Chef Professions, as mentioned in a previous question above. Handyman should be right after that: it’s one of our priorities.

We can already tell you that when we’ll be done with it, this profession will be great!

Many players are waiting for Jellies for the Gelano, when will this be implemented?

The island is being worked on, but we have no date to communicate for the moment.

When will you add more resources for Trapper from level 40 to 60?

This should come in the next patch.

What do you plan on doing for the Lunar Altar dungeon that doesn’t seem to have any boss?

We are aware that the requirements for achievements “kill the boss first” and “kill the boss last” cannot be fulfilled.

This dungeon is really particular. We will look into a solution, such as “kill the 3 Priestess” instead of “kill the boss”.

Should we expect new features concerning Ikiakits and Haven-Bags?

Yes, we’re going to work on bags and give them passive bonuses for professions.

We’re also working on increasing the space available in bags.

Will there be an exclusive Prespic family?

This isn't planned yet.

Will the Moowolf become available in a dungeon or will it stay outside with a long spawn cooldown?

We prefer the Moowolf to stay a Worldboss at this time.

Do you plan on adding a special currency for non-subscribers?

This is not currently planned.

What’s your plan concerning the issue with repeated aggressions?

We’re aware of this issue and are working on a fitting solution. We will communicate on this point in the next weeks: this will require work on many levels.

Are you considering adding a kama Premium Membership instead of using Dollars?

No, so far we want to keep Premium Memberships the way they are.

Will outlaws get additional functions, particularly when it comes to anti-politics?

This is being discussed indeed, but we cannot give you any details yet.

What’s your plan concerning the current state of the economy, such as cheap very rare items?

Players sell their items for the cost they choose without always taking their rarity into account. The economy is in your hands, and you should take all these details into account. We cannot influence the economy.

Are you working on a new set providing a high prospecting buff?

There already is one, the Mussly Set!

In the long run, do you plan on completely removing item drop in favor of craft?

No, we consider the current system balanced enough.

Will you soon reopen the Drheller dungeon?

This is not currently planned.

Will you re-balance the Cracklers? They’re too powerful for their level…

Making these monsters powerful is intended. We find it more interesting for everyone to have monsters providing a real challenge!

What do you plan on doing for sets not to take so much inventory space?

We’re going to allow players to combine all items from a set so they only take one inventory slot. It will be possible to “uncombine” them when you want to wear them. However, for this to work, you will need to own all elements of a set!

Will you lower the Moowolf respawn time, or make several spawn in the same time?

We’re looking into a solution to make it respawn more randomly. But the Moowolf is a worldboss, which means that it must stay rare and only appear briefly on the lands of WAKFU. So we do not plan on making it appear more often.

Will you add more pets?

Yes, we want to add some.

Will you remove the Black Crow items? Some were acquired illegally and are currently being sold…

no, this is not planned currently but is still under investigation.

Will there be a compensation for Haven-Bags and Kamas loss endured during the last hotfix?

We’re working on a solution and you’ll hear about it soon.

Will there be new Earth sets in game?

There will be new sets based on elements balancing.

What’s your plan for characters level 100 that have nothing to do?

We already implemented high level content with the Sadida Kingdom and Kelba Island. We will make sure to bring as much high level content as medium and low level content: everyone should have his share!

Will there be Mythical items?
They’re already in; these are the orange mythical items additionally to the legendary yellow items.

Will we see the Trool Set again?

It will be in next patch!

Will you add more low level items?

Yes! Our objective is to offer as much content for high level as low levels, as we said earlier.

And that concludes our "Q&A: Feedback #6" for this week, so stay tuned for the next one!

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