Wakfu - Q&A: Feedback #7

Tactics based combat MMO from Ankama and Square-Enix. Dreampiece is on the Nox server.
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Blame Tim, We All Do!
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Wakfu - Q&A: Feedback #7

Postby FrogurtX » Apr 14th, 2012, 12:26 am

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Q&A: Feedback #7
Greetings everyone,

Thanks to your continuous feedback, we are back for another edition of our weekly Q&A with more answers regarding questions, brought by you and the other WAKFU communities.

So let's not wait any longer and get right into it, shall we?

Will you offer a solution do against trade scams?

We are aware that "scam" situations unfortunately happen, wherein two players agree to a particular trade but one of the parties falls back on their promise with the item. Because of such dangers, it is imperative that make such agreements only with those you truly trust and understand the risks the nonetheless undertake, you take has happened already to see a crafter run away with the resources one gave him.

But as WAKFU is a sandbox game, it is also up to the community to help curb these griefers; for example, the community can gather a list of "good samaritans" who have a proven record and reputation of helping others or on the flip-side, by creating a list thiefs -- as a warning to others!

Nonetheless, if this issue becomes rampant, we will look into a more solid solution. As we already plan to revise professions within in the next several weeks, it is possible that this made lead to such an anti-system already.

Will it be possible to switch equipment while in combat?

Currently, the combat preparation phase does not allow equipment to be changed out. As such, if a player wears a cosmetic set and gets aggressed, they cannot change it.

This summer, we will begin a large undertaking with Player versus Player and Nation versus Nation combat. Accordingly, equipment change-out may be addressed at this time.

And what about reconnecting during a fight?

This would be a huge feature to develop. It is planned, but not before some months.

Will a vote limitation be placed to prevent fraud votes?

At the moment, we estimate that the effects of alt account voting is very limited due to the Membership restriction.

However we are aware of the impact this issue could have in the long run. As we plan on improving the Nation versus Nation system in the next month, we will most likely revisit this topic and find an efficient solution that will not hinder multi-accounting or players that use a same IP (family members, etc.).

Some classes are not Hoodlums -- will missing ones be added?

We are rebalancing and creating new content around these classes. If we have time, we will implement the missing Hoodlums classes in the next update.

And that concludes our "Q&A: Feedback #6" for this week, so stay tuned for the next one!

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