Wakfu - Q&A: Feedback #9

Tactics based combat MMO from Ankama and Square-Enix. Dreampiece is on the Nox server.
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Wakfu - Q&A: Feedback #9

Postby FrogurtX » May 4th, 2012, 11:19 pm

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Q&A: Feedback #9
Greetings everyone,

Thanks to your continuous feedback, we are back for another edition of our Weekly WAKFU Q&A with more answers regarding questions, brought by you and the other WAKFU communities.

Today we will be having a special post-Content Update 1.2 edition centralized around "Group and Strategy".

The following information was provided by Azael, Lead Game Designer for WAKFU.

So let's get right into it, shall we?

Creatures Group Size
Creature group size on Forfut Island (and more generally on all islands) was unsatisfactory, so we've increased it (bigger groups, meaning there will be no more solo creature on this particular island).

Increasing groups will also increase the difficulty BUT will also increase the experience gained -- the bigger a group of creatures is, the larger the amount of EXP bonus gained on top of the regular base EXP.
We are aware that strategy is still to be improved, but we have initiated changes that allows us to open the way to a more tactical gameplay.

Family State
We have implemented the first stages of the "Family State", but while we are satisfied on how these stages are operating, we still feel a need to further balance them.

For us it is something that will allow us to further modulate the gaming experience in the future.

Family States will be useful to unlock more game abilities for creatures (new spells, behavior, cooperative actions, etc.), it is already the case for some creatures and this is what will ultimately be more interesting.

We are reviewing how to impact the "danger" aspect of combat without affecting its length, and we want to actually avoid having too many resistance and health boosts (as is currently the case).

These changes will be introduced to the Ghouls, Bats, Monks and Rats.

Resistance to elements must bring choices to the player and play a strategic aspect in combat.

We are working on a new design where creatures will have a very high resistance to one element and a very low resistance to the opposite element.

Example being tested: the Goulotonny (name not localized yet) has a resistance of 325% to Earth but only 50% to Air.

*Warning: example is subject to change as it is currently being tested.

We hope to enhance the game and the combination of several elements (within the same build or a group of players).

The golden rule however will be to not have any creature family with the same resistance.

These changes will also be introduced to the Ghouls, Bats, Monks and Rats families based on test results.

This feature is more time consuming to develop than the others mentioned, but nonetheless we are beginning to make great progress.

We are planning on establishing distinct behavior for creatures; this will have a greater impact on the game while also enhancing the synergy of these creatures.

My fellow Game Designers are actively working on it, but this will demand much more time to be implemented.

Night Bonuses
Regarding bonuses given at night, we are unfortunately unable to do so due to technicalities.

As what happens with game design, we have many ideas that unfortunately can not be achieved due to either time constraints, production, or simply due to technical problems.

We would like to thank you for your continuous feedback, so that we can keep shaping the game to meet and exceed your expectations with the upcoming changes.

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