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Postby craig » May 10th, 2012, 2:59 pm

Got a gambling problem? good me too, Seems like that itch needs to be scratched. Dreampieces First sponsored trip hosted by ramin corp and co. we are looking to have a good time and party hard. no baddies allowed .. or kids for that matter. Gonna be a Boys Party so if your girl be trippin leave her home .. if she down for fun more the better.
now some of the logistics.
you gotta get there .
you gotta get your room.
we going to need some help with entertainment (dan) other than that we can find plenty of shit to do.

now the when is still in question.. some people suggested the beginning of august .. others were thinking the end of October
so here some tentative dates ...
august 3-5 fri sat sunday.
following weekend
august 10-13
as for october.. halloween falls on a wed.
so either the weekend before which is oct 26-28
or can go november 2-4th

just some ideas .. please put in your 2 cents and lets make this shit happen ..
if it works out well and everyone can do it we can make it an annual event!!

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Postby rawrmin » May 11th, 2012, 8:07 am

All the dates listed are good for me.

Most likely i will be flying out on Friday around 5 or 6 ( i usually fly out to Vegas around that time when i go since its right after work and its a 5 min drive to the airport)
I always fly
Sunday i plan on leaving around 6 or 7 maybe later depending on what time everyone wants to plan the return flight around.
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