MTG tooltips BBCodes now added

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MTG tooltips BBCodes now added

Postby Benny » Sep 4th, 2010, 7:26 pm

Hey guys... I added tooltips for MTG. You can now use the [card] bbcode to post a specific card. This is EXTREMELY helpful if we want to get draft picks and discussions going on in the future.

Here is how it works.

Code: Select all

[Card]Royal Assassin[/Card]

will give you this:
Royal Assassin

However the code does not work with prime characters like ' so...

Code: Select all

[Card]Jace's Erasure[/Card]

will end up not working and look just like this:
[Card]Jace's Erasure[/Card]

I unfortunately cannot fix the code since prime characters are needed and cannot be ignored due to security reasons.
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