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Lord Ramins Diablo 3 Team 3

Postby rawrmin » May 11th, 2012, 10:52 am

Hello friends this is the more casual team. I will be scheduling sessions through out the week where we can all play no longer than 1-2 hours at the most. The rules are below.

1. You may not play your character unless you are leveling with the entire team.
2.This is casual but lets be respectful of peoples time and thus please arrive on time and be ready to stay for the full duration.
3. Please post your schedules for the week here and i will create the times so we can all play.
4. Have fun. this is most important.

RL Name:
Char Class:
Weekly Availability:

P.S. take note i will not participate in team 3 i will only be your event coordinator that way no one gets left out and there will always be a team of people to play with. I will coordinate all the play time days between your team members that way there is no stress to figure out amongst ur selfs when to play.
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