Returning Eve Players (if any lol)

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Returning Eve Players (if any lol)

Postby rawrmin » Aug 16th, 2011, 6:55 am

This is mainly for Frogurt and Spiff should they decided to return to eve.

We are in a new corporation called Reasonable People. They are an NRDS corp based in Tividu. They do Roams, Wormholes, Mining, Industry. They are also part of a large alliance called CVA which holds a fair chunk of space in 0.0 space. Here is the link to their page for reading . If you wish to return to eve and join us just let me know. The people in this corp are super noob friendly and always answer any questions i have no matter how dumb ;-D they also teach us about different aspects of warfare industry and pve which has been a blast! Oh and check out my Killboard!!
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