Wakfu - Meet the Cabinet!

Tactics based combat MMO from Ankama and Square-Enix. Dreampiece is on the Nox server.
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Blame Tim, We All Do!
Blame Tim, We All Do!
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Wakfu - Meet the Cabinet!

Postby FrogurtX » Apr 7th, 2012, 8:27 am

Source: http://amakna.enjin.com/home/m/3813712/article/673369

Meet the Cabinet!
Cassidy posted Thu at 20:12

Head Guard Jedo
From the guild "Warrior Nation" we've got Jedo~
After being appointed he restarted guard training for M/W/F/Sat at 8pm EST and has already had a few successful sessions. He is striving to make more effective guards for Amakna. In an effort to get more notoriety for some of our stronger Amaknians, he is developing a ranking system. He has already named a player as his 2nd in Command, and I've created a custom tag for this site for him. As more ranks are created, hopefully our more dedicated guards will receive more of the glory they deserve.
New Guard Roster
Guard Training
2nd in Command's color system(Work in progress)

"I wish to serve in the government in a way that directly reflects the will & wellbeing of the people. In this case it would be to serve as Head Guard.

Greater community exposure not just in-game and the Wakfu official forums. The nation forums are there for a reason and it's a powerful tool to keep the masses informed and happy (by means of good communication and quick responsiveness). Being active in-game is good, being active in all areas where the government is involved with is better.

The purpose of my humble guild is to train pvp-ready (just ready, not hungry) individuals to help protect Amakna by converting patriots into guards. The task of being a guard comes with a heavy responsiblity of knowing when to draw the line between protecting the nation and outright terrorism. The guard status is not to be used for personal vendettas/motives."

Ecologist Sigea
Sigea of the Senechal Guardians is already hard at work. After being appointed, Sigea immediately drew up plans for an ecological sanctuary: Project Emelka. You can track the progress in it's dedicated thread. I was running around checking progress and it seems people are already helping it along. Many of the zones are nearly finished.
Project Emelka

"I plan to keep the ecology of each Amaknian area in check, as well as provide surplus seeds and other resources to Amakna's storage, in case of emergency. I also want to lend an ear out to the common citizenry, as our government has been accused of being very isolated. I want to address ecological questions, problems, and disasters presented by those who are not wholly involved in politics. I am always up to date with political events and occurences. But on top of such, I am the server's highest level Herbalist, at a whopping level 85, and am gradually continuing towards 100. I also intend to do the same with the Trapper, Lumberjack, and Farmer professions."

Army General Zone
Zone has begun discussing ways to get Amakna more pvp ready with our Head Guard. I wish i could leak the progress but all i can say is, expect great things!!

"I have a lot of experience in taking and defending territories. While Zent was in government, I actively participated in the island sieges and defense. Through good communication in Ventrilo and teamwork, I led an undefeated 6-man party versus Bonta players, and we were able to assist Amakna in the war activities greatly.

It would be such a privilege to be your Army General."

Vice Governor Decker
In light of the events of Bonta's ex-Vice Governor i decided that rather than accept applications for this position, i would find a trustworthy vice myself. I found my vice in Decker who followed me and assisted me in various annoying tasks(seriously i couldn't shake him off!!). He ultimately proved his worth when i found him helping out the newbies and answering concerns with responses i agreed with....doing my old job I guess you could say. A certain high profile player tested him and apparently likes him as well.

After being appointed, Decker was able to solve 2 guild disputes without my knowledge and shared valuable input on the activities of our cabinet....thank god i don't have to play mediator alone anymore~ Glad to have you Decker!

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