Wakfu - Q&A: Feedback #8

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Wakfu - Q&A: Feedback #8

Postby FrogurtX » Apr 21st, 2012, 10:43 am

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Q&A: Feedback #8
Greetings everyone,

Thanks to your continuous feedback, we are back for another edition of our weekly WAKFU Q&A with more answers regarding questions, brought by you and the other WAKFU communities.

Today we will be having a special "Guilds and Smithmagic" edition.

These questions were answered by Talentyre (Guilds Developer), Bouillie (Smithmagic Developer) and Warweak (Developer).

So let's get right into it, shall we?


Will there be Guild PvP in next patch?

"Talentyre": No, guild PvP will not be in next Content Update 1.2. We have pretty much revamped the whole guild system to start again on firm ground, and we will be adding more features later.

Will we be able to change the name of Guild ranks?

"Talentyre": Yes, you will be able to edit them, and therefore name your guild master “God” and members “Followers”, if you wish to do so.

Will our guilds be able to get back experience and level up when the feature is implemented?

"Talentyre": No, because it would be almost impossible to make the accumulated experience match the new guild system: everyone will start from scratch.

Will there be a Haven-Bag customization available for Guilds?

"Talentyre": No, such customization is not planned yet. Other abilities will depend on your guild level though.

Where will we find the Guild chests and shops?

"Talentyre": All guilds will have a common meeting place, where the guild chest and shop will be. The guild chest will only unlock and get bigger based on the guild level. Other bonuses will be available for the guild to distribute based again on the guild level.

Will the guild level be displayed on your character?

"Talentyre": Guild levels will not be visible on the character, but a guild ladder is planned, where you can see the highest ranked guilds.

Will the guild ladder be international?

"Talentyre": Yes.

What kind of bonus will we be able to unlock with our guild?

"Talentyre": Among guild bonuses you will find special emotes, a cloak, an insignia… Concerning the stat bonus, I’ll let your wonder…

Will we be able to edit the guild message?

"Talentyre": Yes, one of the powers that can be given to a guild rank is to set the guild message. This message will then be sent to all members when they log in.

Will we have guild alliances?

"Talentyre": No, we have received your suggestions but this is not planned yet.

What are the rights we can give to guild ranks?

"Talentyre": Recruit/remove a member, add/remove a rank, change a rank (rights and name), take an item/kamas from the chest, edit the guild description and edit the guild message.

Is there a limit in the amount of members a guild can have, based on its level?

"Talentyre": No, there is no limit on the amount of members that a guild can have.

How much space will be available in the guild chest?

"Talentyre": It will have 40 slots in the first tab and 3 additional tabs, that can be unlocked with the guild level. For example, the 1st tab will unlock when your guild reaches level 7.

How many ranks can we create in a guild?

"Talentyre": You cannot create more than 10 ranks, and their name cannot exceed 15 characters.

What type of experience will we be able to give our guild to level it up?

"Talentyre": Your combat (except spells) and crafting experience can be given to your guild.


Where will the Smithmagic workshops be placed in the world? What use will they have?

"Bouillie": Workshops will be placed close to the canons in the trade bridges and will allow you to break an item and get runes. These runes can then be used to improve your items.

Will all items be compatible with runes?

"Bouillie": All items are not improvable. The goal is to have some items with one or two bonuses and customizable.

How to calculate the power of a rune?

"Bouillie": The level of the item that the rune comes from will influence its strength, and the item rarity will influence the chance to get one.

How many runes will we be able to set on our equipment?

"Bouillie": The most powerful item can receive up to 3 runes.

Can we have critical failures using Smithmagic?

"Bouillie": Yes, getting a rune is very random and it’s possible to destroy an item and get nothing in return, however there will be no failure while using runes.

Can runes be improved?

"Bouillie": Such system is not planned yet.

Can we remove a rune that was set on an item?

"Bouillie": Runes cannot be removed, but they can be replaced, however the replaced rune will be lost.

Will items with runes be tradable?

"Bouillie": Items with runes can be sold and traded, depending on their previous characteristics.

Will a rune’s type depend on the item it was created from?

"Bouillie": The type of rune does not depend on the item stats. However the rarest runes will only be acquired on rare items.

Do runes use a special inventory slot?

"Bouillie": Runes are normal items, and therefore will use a normal inventory slot.

What chance do we have to obtain a rune when breaking an item?

"Warweak": No value will be communicated on the rates, it is up to you to discover them.

What are the prerequisite to use Smithmagic?

"Bouillie": None: every Premium Member can use Smithmagic.

Will we be able to set runes on all items with random bonuses?

"Bouillie": Not all items can be used with Smithmagic, but both items with fixed and random bonuses can be set.

How to know if an item can be Smithmaged?

"Bouillie": Those who can be used in smithmagic will have rune slots close from their icon.

How to replace a rune?

"Bouillie": You will just need to drag and drop the new rune on the old one. You will have to be careful where you drop it!

What solution do you have concerning World Bosses?

"Warweak": They will have a random spawning time. Instead of a fixed time, it will be a time window. We will not communicate anything about this window, so players cannot predict easily the respawn time of a World Boss.

Masqueraider, any news?

"Warweak": We cannot communicate about it for the moment, but be assured that we are not forgetting the class!

And that concludes our "Q&A: Feedback #8" for this week, so stay tuned for the next one!

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