Wakfu - Goonsquad Rumors

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Blame Tim, We All Do!
Blame Tim, We All Do!
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Wakfu - Goonsquad Rumors

Postby FrogurtX » May 5th, 2012, 8:59 am

Source: http://my.mmosite.com/bfa1a79c402a2c2f2 ... 4ea50.html

Cassidy was talking about a possible return of the Goonsquad to Wakfu. Apparently in the past they nearly destroyed Amakna from the governor's seat.

History can be read below:

Last night was a huge upset. Somehow Goonsquad's governor elect candidate won the election in my Nation. Some players immediately started to log off to wait out this government term while others created new characters to play in a different nation for a while. Guilds are stocking their resources in preparation of what's to come. Perhaps the blame for this horrible turn of events is the lack of records around. It's been a long time since the last time Goonsquad was in office and the new players werent around to see how Goonsquad affected the nation. I was one of the players around during those times so let's remember them shall we?

I remember it so clearly. It was the end of Arini's term. Everyone was so happy to have a good governor that the end of her term snuck up on everyone. No one voted for Arini. That's why it was a huge surprise when in gold letters across the chat a new governor was announced. Pressing the N key would show the new governor and his Honorary Title of "Criminal".

There is an impeachment system based on the governor's approval rating. The problem is that only people that voted in the previous election have a say in this. Since there wasn't enough voters, we couldn't push him into the red! We were stuck with him for the next 2 weeks!

The first thing they did was enact a law called "Poaching" on Gobballs, a level 10 monsters that newbies usually fight. This made it illegal Kill them. Breaking this law would cost you 3cp(Citizenship points).

Let me explain why this is such a big deal. Your citizenship points determine what kind of citizen your are and different things can happen depending on it.
1000+cp You can run for governor
100cp you can Vote.
10cp you can gain your nation buff.
00cp you are simply a resident. You can't vote or participate in challenges.
-50cp You are an Outlaw. If anyone kills you, you'll go to prison.
-5000cp Gangster Status
-10000cp? Public Menace

With this new law the newbies were all turning into outlaws! And Goonsquad knew this would happen. They started to patrol and kill the newbies! It was so disgusting to watch. Players started to hang around to defend the newbies but they turned into outlaws too as they started to make kill squads and hunt down Goonsquad members.

Goonsquad continued to make species of monsters illegal. Making anything in the ecosystem illegal costs 500kamas from the nation's treasury. since the treasury is made from the taxes taken from the sales of player shops, Goonsquad raised taxes in all areas to 70%, the highest they can go. Players' hard earned kamas were being stolen from them and used to make the nation less enjoyable for everyone. The shops started to close and the econnomy started to die.

At this time there were only 2 nations, Amakna and Bonta. Any Amaknans that tried to go to Bonta to try and level up in peace were killed off by the Bontans. Their governor had declared war on our nation in order to keep the problem in Amakna. Anyone that went to Bonta had instant-outlaw status and was forcibly deported via pvp defeat.

Eventually Amaknans just stopped logging in. Some lurked the forums, waiting for this to be over. Some deleted their characters to make Bontans. Some people dropped the game altogether. By this time, Amakna was just a ghost nation. You were lucky to find another guildmember or friend online. It was so empty that the Goons themselves stopped logging in.

I realized that since everyone had quit with less than 100cp, when the next election came around they wouldnt be able to vote!

I came up with an idea to fix this. There was a glitch with the toad species of monsters that kept their seeds from growing when you try to replant them. They were permanently endangered awaiting a patch to fix them. I took advantage of this and continued to replant them, gaining cp with each seed. Meanwhile i contacted the guildmaster of the collector's guild and paid them to gather 3000 gobball seeds. Eventually i gained 3000 cp. I went to the newbie area with Emeath, a celebrity PKer, and we annihilated all the gobball to extinction. We had enough cp that we could do it without turning into outlaws.

Once the gobs were all dead, i announced on the forums that i was passing out gob seeds to all players that log in and come to the gobballs. The players started to plant them and gain their cp back while Emeath and I kept the gobballs endangered so everyone could gain cp.

By the time the elections rolled around, there was enough voters to make sure that even if goonsquad won again, we could impeach them. For good measure i registered and ran for governor.

In the end i won the election and became governor! I went on to become the greatest governor Amakna has ever had but that's a story for a different article :P

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