Test Alliance information and how to.

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Test Alliance information and how to.

Postby rawrmin » Mar 30th, 2012, 9:16 am

So we have joined test alliance and theres a fuck ton of reading. So ive read a good chunk of it so just so u dont have to im posting the important links to read here.

Below is the basic newbie start guid - you will notice it asks you to sign up and setup 2 things, Jabber ( client that lets you receive broadcast for test alliance operations) and TEST AUTH
which is an apikey based auth system that ties in with accessing the wiki as well as forums and communications.

Jabber setup for fleet operations:

This guide below explains how to setup the Auth do this after you setup jabber

Below = Ingame chat channels to join
https://wiki.pleaseignore.com/wiki/List ... t_Channels

Jump Bridge list and access:

Map of the Entire Cluster Fuck Coalition ( for those who dont know CFC is here is the link http://www.evenews24.com/2011/01/29/who ... usterfuck/ )


NOTE MUST READ: Test Alliance is currently deployed up north they are allies with Goonswarm Federation and both TEST AND GOONS are fighting NC. and Raiden.
During this time of war expect Southern entities to invade and take advantage of this so we must be careful while we rat and run anoms in null.
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