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Emoticons aka Smilies List

Postby Benny » Sep 19th, 2010, 11:52 pm


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:insert emoticon/smiley text here:

Emoticon/Smiley | Text
:angry: angry
:annoyed: annoyed
:attention: attention
:bling: bling
:blowkiss: blowkiss
:blush: blush
:catface: catface
:cheese: cheese
:chuckle: chuckle
:confused: confused
:congrats: congrats
:cool: cool
:crazy: crazy
:cry: cry
:dizzy: dizzy
:drool: drool
:eek: eek
:eyeroll: eyeroll
:fight: fight
:flirt: flirt
:frustrated: frustrated
:giggle: giggle
:gloom: gloom
:hammered: hammered
:happy: happy
:heart: heart
:hehe: hehe
:huh: huh
:kiss: kiss
:lips: lips
:love: love
:middlefinger: middlefinger
:nosebleed: nosebleed
:nosepick: nosepick
:nty: nty
:omg: omg
:peace: peace
:perverted: perverted
:pirate: pirate
:puke: puke
:research: research
:sad: sad
:shades: shades
:shh: shh
:shit: shit
:shy: shy
:silence: silence
:sleep: sleep
:smile: smile
:snore: snore
:sob: sob
:sparkle: sparkle
:sweat: sweat
:thumbsdown: thumbsdown
:thumbsup: thumbsup
:tongue: tongue
:ugh: ugh
:wacky: wacky
:wink: wink
:yawn: yawn

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