New Forum Users: Please Read!

Important announcements, changes, and overall information about Dreampiece.
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New Forum Users: Please Read!

Postby Benny » Aug 7th, 2010, 1:42 pm

Dear New User,

First off I would like to welcome you to the Dreampiece forum. If this is your first time visiting a forum congrats you have found yourself a post. You are viewing the most important forum post for beginners.

If you are new to forums in general please CLICK HERE for the forum FAQ to get you used to posting, searching, and profile editing. Also very helpful is FrogurtX's tutorial video below:

Some things to know about this forum is that it is broken down into a few categories and main forums. Here is the Dreampiece Forum Tree at a glance:
-Off Topic

Also please note there is a Dreampiece Chat box located below the forum! You must be signed in to chat with us below! It seems a lot of people do not notice the chat box because it is further down. You can use the Chat button on the top left to pop the chat into its own window to browse and chat at the same time.

The forum is very open to all content. However people frequent the forum often during work so please refrain from posting offensive or mature adult content on the main forums and chat. Please if you feel the urge or need to post offensive and adult related content please do so in the NSFW forum. If you need the password please private message me via any of the contact methods you see on my profile.

The forum is also open to all people. If you have friends that you feel could contribute or benefit from this forum please invite them to join in.

Lastly Dreampiece at the root is a society/club/clan/guild/organization. If you are interested in joining please view the following posts:
History of Dreampiece
Dreampiece Applications

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